Spider-Man: Homecoming – A better look at Shocker’s costume

Surprise, surprise! A villain is awaiting you, and no, it’s not Vulture. Someone else is here as well to bring trouble to Spider-Man. However, it looks like his costume is travelling faster than his flurry activities. Welcome Shocker, in his super-villain costume!

This will be the first time when he will be appearing in a live-action film. Thanks to the international trailer that allows the audience to see his official shot. Shocker supposedly has a costume with promotional art as of now and the fans are wondering if he will mimic the exact same look in the movie as well. Though, the audience will probably love to see him evolve as the story progresses.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Trailer Youtube

However, the colour code is expected to remain the same. Fans predict that Shocker’s costume will at least follow the colour code of classic yellow and black. Sporting this costume, Shocker might be seen performing all his nuisance activities to make life difficult for Spider-Man. To add to the viewer’s fun he might also wear a pair of funky goggles and giant metal boots; Shocker’s vibrating shock gauntlets are the most awaited accessories every fan is waiting for.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Poster

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

Looks like Shocker is trying to steal the show by diverting everyone’s attention to his costume. But don’t you think it will be worth the wait? Be it the colour codes, red pieces on his vest or the sophisticated design, the fans are dying to find resemblances from the Marvel comic book pages.

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